In the past few years I, Dr. Brent Caudill, have changed my practice of medicine. I always thought diet was important and I still do think this is the most important part of health, however, the main problem with diet is sugar. It is the cause of most illness, including heart attacks, but I’ll save that for another time. I have researched scientific studies about how to treat diseases using both alternative methods and pharmaceutical drugs.  Don’t get me wrong, pharmaceuticals have their place in medicine – especially in emergencies.  What I found was that there are safe, effective, scientifically documented ways to treat illness that do not involve drugs.  This may seem surprising to you but, drugs are almost completely unnecessary, except that we have become so dependent upon them. So I have been studying these alternatives and practicing their use.  That is why at Preventive HealthCare I use many alternative therapies in my practice with good outcomes. The best part is that these therapies are gentle and coax the body to heal without dangerous and painful side effects.

The word ‘doctor’ actually means teacher, and even though I treat patients I have found that my main purpose is to give my patients valuable information so they can then treat themselves by making good choices when it comes to lifestyle improvement. This is much different than just giving someone a pill.  I want my patients to understand their physical condition, therefore I share information with them.  Patients recognize truth when I tell it to them.  My approach to medicine is that I recognize there are non-drug ways to help people heal, and I make them available.

You might ask ‘why aren’t other doctors doing this?’ Basically the answer is money and power. Yes, the doctors want money and power but, it is more about powerful institutions; including the drug companies, which are in collusion with the FDA to decide what is advertised and what is available.  The insurance companies in collusion with the government dictate what treatments are allowed – not paying for treatments that are not drugs, surgery, radiation or something that can be patented. Natural treatments cannot be patented. Well enough of that, I didn’t want to talk too much about negative things.

The positive truth is that there are many natural ways to improve health and treat disease. These ways are actually more powerful than drugs but, often do not act as quickly.  Drugs do what they are advertised to do, however, the side effects are often as bad as the original illness. This is not true with non-drug therapies. I do give drugs to patients when necessary but, I always teach what the side effects are.

With this short note I hope you understand how I am different from the average modern doctor.  Physicians of today are basically ‘druggists’ or ‘drug doctors’.  I, Dr. Brent Caudill, have chosen to educate myself on the various way the human body heals rather than continue indoctrination by the pharmaceutical conglomerates.  I choose to think for myself and not follow the party line.

Thank you for visiting my site, continue to educate yourself and feel free to schedule an appointment so that we at Preventive HealthCare can continue on your healing journey together.

Dr. Brent Caudill
Preventive HealthCare